Photo by Joe Robles on Unsplash

Sometimes it can feel like the universe,

Is forcing your hand before you are ready.

Ready to take the plunge,

That enormous leap of faith,

To say those words,

That need to be spoken,

To do the deed,

That has been crying out to be done,

For all of your eternity.

And you might well ask yourself,

Is this the time?

Is this my time?

With the universe watching,

Holding out a safety net,

To catch you,

And land you on your feet again,

Maybe bounce you even higher,

Then you’ve ever been before.

Can you do it?

Can you muster up the courage,

From your very depths.

Force it up and out,

Until it is a scream,

A rebel yell,

That accompanies you in all your war paint,

Charging on your horse,

Of hopefulness,

And Faith,

As you gallop,

Into an unknown future,

Of unimaginable beauty,

And triumph.

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