The Ten Best Insults My Children Have Given Me

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

My children are lovely little creatures, they really are. However … They are not ones to mince their words and are honest to an absolute fault.

In the unlikely event that their mother should start to suffer from an inflated sense of self importance, they have mastered the art of taking her down a peg or ten.

You will note, during the course of this list, that the majority of these insults relate to my sartorial elegance, or lack thereof, and my culinary ability, or complete absence of same.

So here we go — in no particular order:

I could add to this list. Maybe I will update it in a few months time, when they have given me enough new material. Make that a few weeks.

So, as you can see, my children do not really do much to bolster my self confidence. Luckily, this is not their job. That is what I am here to do for them. And in return, they teach me on a daily basis not to take myself too seriously, to laugh at life and above all, to have fun.

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